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Brand Introduction


Formula creating and proposal suggesting

We create very unique texture with our especial ingredients and manufacturing process and then suggest safe and effective cosmetics.

Formulier is committed to excellence and develops safer and more reasonable formulas without compromising with making profits through multiple experiments. Instead of deluding customers enjoying their smart lifestyle and consumption value,
we make true cosmetics honestly telling you the actual value of the ingredients.

·Mist 2 SKU  ·Facial 3 SKU  ·Hand Softener 3 SKU  
·Hair care 2 SKU  ·Body care 2 SKU ·Mask 1 SKU

Placental protein skin care


The premium cream striking Asia continent,


Premium Skin Care cosmetic with the superior efficacy of placenta. Containing the patented ingredient only produced in a single origin ranch in Jeju island.
Containing clean and safe natural plants of the clean island, Jeju. Skin allergic chemicals not added (depending on products). Clinical test on Skin stimulus and anti-wrinkle improvement completed. Approved by MFDS functional cosmetic standard.

·MAGI MAXX  Cream 50g  ·MAGI MAXX Aquacel 50g  ·MAGI MAXX Mask 2SKU 27g

rootree is the pioneer of organic health and beauty


Pure Naturalism Formula for Women in the World

Naturalism cosmetic brand made by the joint development between Colorpink R&D Inc. and kt cs of kt group.
Organic line comprising 100% organic products and Natural line with functional cosmetics.
Meeting the global trend of organic cosmetics and manufacturing the products through eco-friendly processed the ingredients grown by organic farming. 

·Jeju wild plants  ·Chemicals not added (varied by item)  
·Approved by Foreign & Domestic organic products standards 

·Organic series 5 SKU  ·functional series 6 SKU
·Natural series 7 SKU  ·Mask 2 SKU ·Hand cream 3 SKU
·Special edition 2 SKU

Total skin care solution


Korean brand standing out in Asia

Launched successfully in Hong Kong, 2005
Growing into MIOGGI Group, it has expanded its fields into offline shops, spa, esthetic shops, and Medi-centers
38 shops in Hong Kong
12 series and over 190 items

··Anti-wrinkle / Whitening / UV blocking functional

cosmetic series   ·Esthetic item series etc

'QVC Japan' best selling brand


Launched in Japanese TV home shopping channel

Launching “Viebrillant” co-developed by Colorpink R&D Inc. & Hong Kong cosmetic company, and directed by famous Japanese model, AHN MIKA.
Viebrillant is the cosmetic brand that only produces items providing excellent effect for sensitive skin by natural ingredients and pure formula.
 “Harrogate”  Carbonated water from England, 3D hyaluronic acid, Ice plant, Atelocollagen, Sea grape extract.


Key ingredients

Non-silicon shampoo series and functional makeup series

·Hair series 2 SKU     ·Makeup series 8 SKU

Cosmetic Brand from Nature


The brand considering healthy skin

Brand Rimac is natural cosmetics which aims for naturalism. It means that Rimac provides the pure natural energy to skin and cares the skin to be pure healthy.
Supplied to B2B, Rimac is focusing on nutrition and skin health maintenance by optimizing the skin condition of the labors exposed to severe work environment. 

·Skin care  ·Homme  ·Functional 10 SKU

Japanese Esthetic shops


Herbal peeling by systematic program using herb powder

Different from chemical peeling causing stress and irritation, our peeling program is made through condensing natural herbal ingredients.
By powerful blood turn-over, it helps skin push dead skin cells out by itself.
By exfoliating with its natural energy, it helps skin-regeneration.

·Esthetic products 10 SKU


Global No.1 Plastic Surgery Medical Group

REGEN Cosmetic

Co-developed by Regen Cosmetic of Regen Medical Group and Colorpink R&D Inc. Launching the advanced mask“Gold Foil Mask”using new mask materials made by new technology.


MIOGGI Group constantly trying for customer satisfaction with safe and effective formula for skin confidence of women throughout the world meets Regen Medical Group leading the right culture of plastic surgery with treatment focusing on the ties caring not only external beauty but also inner beauty.

· MIOGGI-REGEN Whitening series 5 SKU    · MIOGGI-REGEN Anti-wrinkle series 2 SKU    · CFDA certification completed

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